NFL Playbooks for Sale --Change of an Era

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Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



Interested in a few old NFL playbooks? Then hear goes, Tom Landry’s 1972 playbook sold for a whopping $6,573. Or Jerry Rice's rookie San Francisco 49ers playbook recently sold for $6,573.

This is likely one of the last times you will find playbooks. Most teams use tables or other electronic devices to keep up with their plays. The books came up when a collector Patrick Donning found them in a garage sale in upstate New York.

A few other playbooks included the 2004 Detroit Lions defensive and secondary playbooks. More recent playbooks include 2006 Buffalo Bills that sold on Monday for $325.

Years ag, former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Karl Sweetan tried to sell his old playbook to New Orleans Saints head coach J.D. Roberts for $2,500. The coach reported the sale attempt to the league who called the FBI. Sweetan was then charged with sale of stolen property and wire fraud. The charges did not stick after it was found the book was not worth $5000 which is the minimum amount for a felony charge. But, that was in 1972.

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