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Texas Bombing

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



The city of Austin, Texas is shook as authorities continue to investigate a rash of bombings in the artsy city. Just miles from the University of Texas at Austin two people have been killed and as of Sunday night 4 more have been injured in what is being called a serial bomber.

On Sunday night the latest blast killed two white men walking in a residential area. The other three explosions were believed to have been targeting minority populations. Experts in the area are saying Sunday nights bombing was also meant to harm minorities.

The difference in this bombing and the previous ones is a trip wire was used to detonate the device. Officials are saying they may have underestimate the level of sophistication of the terrorist. Residents were asked to go inside there homes while government workers combed the area looking for evidence. SXSW, is in full swing. A major show from the Roots was canceled due to the terrorist act just a few miles away.

Previous bombs were left at the homes of the recipients. All except one, that arrived at the wrong address, when the woman attempted to deliver the package, it exploded killing the good Samaritan.

Austin’s chief of police Brian Manley said, “What we have seen now is a significant change from what appeared to be three very targeted attacks to what was, last night, an attack that would have hit a random victim that happened to walk by.”

The two men aged, 22 and 23 was walking through SW Austin much further away then the first three when encountering a trip wire and set off the explosion. The device was on the side of the road, and the others were all sent to area homes. Authorities are making not of the changes in tactics.

Citizens are being asked to be wary of unexpected packages prior to Sunday’s attack, people are now being asked to stay away from any suspicious packages.

Residents in the city have expressed concern now that concern is morphing into fear.  

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