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Lady in the Bag





“And the children shall lead us. We shall follow.” My take on “the movement” generated by high school students is nothing short of miraculous Neither race, gender, religion, age, social status, nor political party affiliation (Republicans, Democrats, Independents) are important. We are all humans and must protect civilization from hypogeal elements (subterranean apathetic Americans). While we are bombarded with media spin and have a King (Bonespur Trump) who blatantly lies about EVERYTHING, we must UNITE and register to vote. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. EVERY VOTE CAST AGAINST PERSONS WHO BELIEVE THAT KIDS SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO ASSAULT WEAPONS IS IN IT’S SINGULARITY POTENTIALLY CAPABLE OF BEING THE INSTRUMENT OF CHANGE. REAL CHANGE!

Below are some sentiments (perhaps paraphrased) and epigrammatics, voiced by high school teenagers about GUNS: “Threats of detentions shall not stop our demonstrations; we are just ‘regular high school students’ with a single mission: STOP GUN VIOLENCE! You, the grownups, have failed us. We are not safe in school. School used to be a safe place for us to be and learn. You want to arm our teachers with guns. We will ‘take a knee’, march, demonstrate, and let you know that we are afraid of guns. You need to fix this. We are not deterred. Too many of us have died during mass shootings. Those that died and their families are suffering from the loss of human lives. GUN VIOLENCE IS NOT THE NEW NORM. WE SAY NO MORE. WE WANT CHANGE IN HOW GUN SALES ARE DONE”

A patchwork of American youth, across the country, have organized in order to bring teir clear position regarding the guns, in America, to the legislators. We are not a country built upon fear and vengeance. Our King loves chaos. With chaos comes unpredictability. Uncertainty. TZIMMES. Unrepressed fear and anxiety. Staff turnover of approximately fifty persons have either been removed, fired or resigned from their work for King Bonespur Trump’s. This is an epic departure of staff. Our King wants chaos: GO FOR IT.He does not ‘read books’. He’s irrational, bigoted, racist, homophobic, disquieted by transgender folks, misogyistic, anti-immigrant, believes that it is okay to grab female genitalia, supports neo-Nazis, KKK, white supremacists . Our King is completely, totally aligned with the views and positions the NRA has, regarding unfettered access to all types of guns, regardless of age, mental stability and other incapacity.

NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION (NRA), [a group of gun manufacturers and registered members who are gun enthusiasts] disclaim any liability for these shootings, perpetrated by violent actors. They say, it’s not the guns, only the people who own the guns. REALLY? BOOM! BANG! BANG I SHOT YOU DOWN! BANG! BANG!

NRA (NRA LOBBY), via donations to so-called loyal Republicans’ political action committees are massive (billions, unfathomable over the years). The Republicans receive six figure donations to the RNC and individually. King Bonespur Trump quickly adopted the NRA’s position, with respect to how to handle our Nation’s response to mass shootings. More guns! The proposal is to arm teachers with concealed weapons (only arm 10% to 20% of the teachers; give them a bonus to carry [$1,000]); potential shooters won’t know who is carrying, so they would not shoot up a school. This is Trump’s answer to how to handle the school shootings. Trump, now, despite hue and outcry, supports the NRA’s mission statement: a gun in every American’s hands. Our King had articulated a position, regarding the issue of guns, and bump stocks and how to keep weapons from people that are: mentally ill, persons with police records, persons under age 21, persons with restraining orders against them, persons on the “no fly list”, persons with gun restraining orders, for guns used or owned by persons that fail the thorough and complete background check. However, as we have experienced, the King walked back this position and is now ALL in with the NRA.

After the most recent shooting in Florida, President Bonespur Trump exhibited bravado. “I really believe that I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.” This comment is from King Bonespur Trump, a draft dodger who was called “up” and deemed incapable of military service five (5) times, secondary to a bonespur. This is NUTZ!. I wonder if Frederick Trump, father of Donald Trump, paid off anyone to exempt his beloved son from the draft, five (5) times; perhaps even Donald Trump paid someone off. This is shear speculation, but it could have happened. If you are angry, VOTE! Trump vocalized the concerns of the NRA and said, “No one needs to worry about the NRA. They are on our side.” REALLY? BANG, BANG! All comments from the Rasputinesque Trump are deceitful and demonstrate his insidious influence over gun legislation.

NRA’s answer to assaults in schools: arm teachers and have multiple armed deputies in each school. King Bonespur Trump added, each state should assess their circumstances and fund the security costs. Otherwise, Trump’s response is verbatim, identical to that of the NRA.

MASSACRE AT SCHOOLS: In the wake of the mass murder of 17 Americans (most of whom were teenagers) and 14 others injured, in Florida, King Bonespur Trump immediately falsely claimed that the F.B.I. failed to prevent the massacre, since they were too occupied investigating the Russia thing.. NUTZ!

We NEED change! YOU are an instrument of change; YOU must vote! If you are angry that your government did not ban semi-assault and assault rifles, VOTE! Your only remedy is VOTE, for a common sense approach to our second amendment rights! Let me assuage your fears, we are not attempting to ban all guns, just guns (assault and bump stock upgraded semi-assault) in the wrong hands. If you are angry that your government did not ban sales of bump stocks which transform a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic assault rifle, VOTE.! If you are angry that your government does not require a complete, thorough background check (including criminal records, protective orders, domestic assault and restraining orders, orders of extreme risk dangerous restraining gun access, persons on the no fly list), prior to issuing a license, to be eligible to own a weapon, VOTE! If you are angry that your government does not require sales at “gun shows” to include full background checks and a waiting period before the sale is consummated, VOTE! If you are angry at King Bonespur Trump for NOT using an “Executive Order” to ban assault rifles, bump stocks, sales of weapons to persons under age 21and require complete background checks, including: criminal records, protective orders, domestic assault and restraining orders, orders of extreme risk (to self or others), dangerous restraining orders, no fly list), VOTE!

If you are angry that a Deputy Sheriff (who was carrying a gun and assigned to security at the Florida high school) stood outside the “Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and did not enter the building; and three (3) additional deputies were dispatched during the shooting and they, too, were armed with guns, and stood outside the high school while an active shooter was present inside the building. Governor Rick Scott has ordered an investigation. Sheriff Scott Israel stated: “ I demonstrated amazing leadership.” If you disagree, regarding ‘amazing leadership’ where 17 people, at a high school are dead and 14 wounded, and deputies remained safe, in cover, VOTE! If you don’t want teachers armed with concealed weapons, VOTE! If you want to change the age of gun purchasers to 21 years old and require complete background checks, VOTE!

Seeds of malcontent and freedom and revolution were/are deeply ingrained into the hearts and minds of all Americans (even young high school students), of all ethnicities, wherever their place of birth, minorities (Black, Hispanics, Orientals et al), Muslims, Jews, freedom sympathizers, gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transgenders, physically or intellectually challenged, under-educated, or unskilled workers: we must unite, and create a massive ThinkersCosmicForge: a movement, for safety in our schools, equal treatment by justice system, housing, free health-care, free community college, free job training, and complete transparency of King Bonespur Trump’s assets (any and all business interests, list of all holdings, even shell companies’ information).



King Bonespur Trump and his cronies are opposed to a ban on assault rifles (to my knowledge, neither deer nor warthogs carry assault rifles to even the odds). They do not fight back. Shoot ‘em and it’s done. Semi-automatic weapons need not be used as well…unless the hunted animals have learned how to fight back.

We, thinkers, believe in facing reality. We need to take actions: institute a gun buyback program throughout America, utilize locked gates and photo IDs for entry into schools, and perhaps have armed security personnel who know how to perform their duties during a shooting and actually would perform these duties, encrypted computers and resources with which to engage and carefully follow up on students, and others, who have difficulties in school or need a mentor (in order to focus). These are our kids, killing our kids/people.

You read The Thinkering News, so you are imbued with truth as your sword and kindness in your heart; you are a THINKER and THINKERS’ KNOW that with purity of heart, you can channel the force when we are called to action. If King Bonespur Trump makes speeches, tweets, sends or voices a message (moves his fingers and lips) or postures about a position regarding a compelling issue THINKERS KNOW: What the king sayeth, is not what he doeth. King Trump changes his opinions and waivers when asked to confirm and then, on recap, performs a 180 and denies what he said, because he does not remember saying “those words” nor “taking that stance”, despite video and audio concurrence. In this Peoples’ White House, you must fight for your rights; contact your senator and/or congressperson to voice your opinion about assault weapons et al and ask them to propose or support legislative action on a Federal level; and/or urge your governor to act now on the state level.

Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods have made the decision not to sell weapons to persons under the age of 21 years. WOW! They are willing to forego some business revenue in response to the most recent massacres at schools and venues.

If you have any suggestions for this writer, please feel free to forward them to:

Readers, continue to send XXXL Pampers and XL Depends to the People’s White house, attention: Adult Day Care Center.

The Lady in the Bag

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