Astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA changed 7 percent after readjusting to Earth

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Kelly Twins

Scribe: Samuel Otis



Space teaches NASA. In the twins study, unexpected changes were made in the DNA and RNA of of Scott Kelly, while his brother Mike on earth remained.

During the 2018, Investigators Workshop for NASA’s Human Research Program, the first round of the twins study was released. The study tracked physical changes caused by time in space, down to the cellular level. The study proved space made changes in the DNA, to adjust to oxygen deprivation stress in the cells forcing Scotts’ “space genes’ to activate.

According to a recent article from an ABC affiliate, “Although 93% of Scott's genetic expression returned to normal once he returned to Earth, a subset of several hundred "space genes" remained disrupted. Some of these mutations, found only after spaceflight, are thought to be caused by the stresses of space travel.”

Changes were also noted in Scotts collagen, blood clotting and bone formation due to fluid shitfts in zero gravity.

Twins study provided a prelude to the planned three-year mission to Mars. Additional testing, is expected concerning weightlessness, isolation, radiation and how the human body space stress.


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