Hamden "Most Underrated City in Connecticut"

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Scribe: Samuel Otis

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New York City based publication Thirillest has named Hamden, the “most underrated city” in Connecticut. According to the online information source Hamden owns a collegiate atmosphere, nature trails and a solid local music scene.

A few local places pointed out included Old World Brick Oven Pizza, Sleeping Giant park and DiMatteo’s for their authentic pizza offerings. A recent report quoted Hamden Mayor Curt Balzano Leng said “We've got so much to offer in our New England town. Hamden is home to a wide array of unique businesses, recreation areas and peoples, and this diversity is part of what keeps our town strong and thriving.”


The following is exactly what Adam Lapetina said in his recent write up.


Connecticut: Hamden

Pretty much every Hollywood vision of Connecticut involves Yale students rowing a quick mile before genteelly sipping bourbon cocktails at an a cappella concert -- meanwhile, Hamden is one town away from New Haven, and somehow worlds different. It keeps the urban trappings that make New Haven so evocative (incredible pizza at Olde Word Brick Oven Pizza and DiMatteo's; cozy New England architecture; a collegiate atmosphere courtesy of Quinnipiac) and combines that with a rural charm -- Hamden has a ton of nature for people to explore, from the miles of trails around the impressive Sleeping Giant to the crown of rivers and lakes that dot the town. The Space, the latter-day centerpiece of Hamden's scrappy music scene, has recently found new life as the Space Ballroom, and will continue the town's long tradition of giving local and touring musicians a place to express themselves. You may even find an a cappella concert or two, if that's your speed. -- Adam Lapetina

The Thinkering is always proud to print stories of appreciation, especially of the geographic area. Congratulations Hamden, Connecticut.


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