Trump Centrifuge Machine has Unintended Consequences

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Angry White Man - Punch him in the face

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Since the Trump family moved into the White House we have seen racist podcasts soar with anti-Semite, anti-justice talk. We have learned that some third world country’s are s**thole countries, a few of these states include South Africa, Senegal, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana and Haiti. I thought the western world had forgiven Haiti, guess not –how dare they fight for their freedom in the late 18th century.

In the meantime, African’s are marching around with we love Trump signs. It is all part of the Trump centrifuge machine. Here in the states there is the black woman duo Diamond and Silk, no you won’t find them at the Players Club despite their names. But you will find them on the internet being exponents for “our man Trump,” as they refer to him.

Since Trump was elected a pile of evidence pointing to collusion with a foreign power has cropped up, a tryst with a porn star and domestic abuse of a previous wife by a sitting president. The centrifuge machine has successfully separated democrat from republican, black from white and male from female, but it could not further separate the Korea’s.

I will go back a little further, when president number 44, was elected gun purchases skyrocketed. The US awaited a race war in redress for hundreds of years of slavery. White’s believe blacks are interested in kicking their behinds for the constant abuses realized at the hands of institutional and casual American racism. We are now seeing a resurgence in Neo Nazis and White Nationalist rhetoric, it has become abundant, it has become hackneyed.

A new phenomenon has surfaced called the nuevo “Angry white male.” The AWM is a group of un-gifted whites who were always told they are special despite ever doing anything to confirm the status. Thus the AWM became a reactionary faction who hates the idea of affirmative action and feminism despite enjoying the lions share of resources.

We quickly forget African’s were taken from their homes by the millions to come to what was then called the new world. Spices, rum and guns were all used to purchase people. The Primary prerequisite being dark brown skin.

American slavery proved to be the most brutal institution in recorded world history. However, its not likely to be the last.

The institution included, rape, murder, human rights atrocities of all imaginings.

During this time the United States of American realized the greatest economic growth in world history. Resources have since been hoarded and societies have been controlled to the detriment of the communities at large.

All the benefit of just as everything else the new demarcation, “Whites” received a disproportionate share of the resources both then and now. Mis management has caused our great nation to see record numbers of poor people it has seen record numbers of hungry children and security in America is no longer a guarantee.

Enough damage has been done.

The idea of a nuevo angry white male does not exist, he has always been angry and will likely always be. Scared people are always angry. But, the question arises –If in fact whites stole African’s religion, labor, money, genetics language, dignity, sanity and are still not satisfied, what what more do they want?

The good thing about the centrifuge machine is it not only has spun people apart, but it has also kneaded people together. Black’s and Jewish people in the US have found common ground, as I mentioned earlier South Korea and North Korea found common ground. People around the world are seeing the truth of “race” being a man made construct. Men and women are melding together as sexual abusers are being exposed in record numbers.

The jig is up!

Earth as we know it could be in the process of becoming a better place. Often metal has to be exposed to the crucible to fortify its strength. It appears humanity also has to survive the crucible to become better, stronger people.

We must continue to fight for each other, we must continue to fight for humanity.   

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