Jay-Z Richest man in Hip Hop $900 million net worth

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Jay Z

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne

Email: lucy@thethinkering.com


Doing it, doing it and doing it well. Who would have ever thought the world of hip hop would be preparing to celebrate its first Billionaire. For the first time in seven years Jay-Z has toppled P Diddy for the richest man in hip hop spot.


The boon in income came pushed the moguls net worth up from $810 milllion to $900 million. How? Tidal streaming is doing ok, Roc Nation is doing ok, But Armand de Brignac a liqour brand he was able to invest in on the ground floor is doing great. Additionally, D”Usse’ cognac also leapt off the page and darkened the bottom line.

But don’t cry for Diddy. that brother’s net worth is in excess of $825 million, so he won’t be filing for welfare anytime soon.

Number 3 on the list is the elder statesman at 53 years old in Dr. Dre who enjoys a networth of $770 million, in large part due to Apple’s purchase of Beats headphones.

And finally, there is a tandem, in Eminem and Drake, who are each said to be worth $100 million, with Drake being by far the youngest man in hip hop to top the list.

Its a proud day when we can boast the kind of numbers that we mentioned above. Especially at the hands of people who just a few generations before were ensconced in a system of slavery based on the color of their skin. I my opinion all these men should have red and blue tights under their suits with a big S on the front.

Congratulations, hip hop.

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