Samuel Otis: How the US has changed Since 1973

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Reality Winner

Scribe: Samuel Otis



Does the Espionage Act consider the public benefit of the information leaked. The world of media opened up when Daniel Ellsberg put out the Pentagon Papers. The deed offered press freedoms and protections that didn’t exist before nor since. He also struck a blow against the Nixon administration and provided information that put a hand in the back of those in support of the Vietnam War.

The Trump administration is totally against negotiation, and currently has the red-ass with South Korea for their willingness to participate in talks with the North. The legacy media is in collusion in causing fear among the American populous about the potential threat of North Korea. The fear is unfounded and unrealistic. Kim Jong Un would be an abject fool with a death wish to consider preemptively bombing the United States. His nuclear ambitions are clearly as a deterrent and a way to protect himself in the event Trump goes ape and attacks his country.

It all seems to be smoke and mirrors. The current state of government ensures any whistle blowers demise. In early 1973, Ellsberg was charged under the Espionage Act of 1917, he was also charged with theft and conspiracy, crimes that carried a total maximum sentence of 115 years. Due to governmental misconduct and shoddy evidence gathering Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson and Leonard Boudin, requested the Judge dismiss all charges against Ellsberg. Since he has voiced support for WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning.

In 1973, Ellsberg felt confident that he would receive a fair trial and there would be a reasonable chance that he would be released. Forty plus years later Snowden knew he would not receive a fair anything and would likely be prosecuted by the legacy media long before he saw a court date.

He was correct in that assumption. The land of the free isn't as free as it was in 73’.

Currently on the chopping block is Reality Winner. 25 year old Reality Winner is an Air Force veteran and a Texas born and raised American. She served her country as an airman for four years, going directly from high school to service. She then went to work as a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation, a defense and intelligence contractor for the US Government.

She has been imprisoned for nearly one year without bail. She is charged with mailing classified information to a news organization. An hour after the Intercept published the information Winner was arrested. The papers included and alleged Russian government hackers targeted 122 local election officials a few days before the election of November 2017.

There is a marked difference in the way a 1973 United States treated an American attempting to do something for the public good and the way a 2017 United States treats a whistle-blower, who was also looking out for the American people.

For most American’s the changes we see are not pleasing, it kind of feels like an oppressive USSR regime. What do you think?

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