NYC Family injured by Falling Tree in Central Park

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Scribe: Samuel Otis



Anne Monoky, 36, was hit by a fallen tree in Central Park along with her two sons who were both in a stroller. A giant oak tree toppled and hit a mother and two of her children when the 3,000 pound tree was uprooted.

Monoky and her family was promised to launch a $200 million lawsuit against the city the owners of the park and the park management. She said during an interview on national TV, “Our lives are forever altered by what happened.”

The incident happened on 15 August 2017, her 2-year-old son suffered a skull fracture while her two other children were not seriously hurt. She, herself suffered four fractures in her neck. Dorcotrs told her two of the fractures have healed, leaving the other two which are never expected to heal.

The 75-foot tree fell on the family pinning them down for nealy 10 minutes before emergency workers arrived.

The tree didn’t seem to have a healthy root system according to the images shared. Healthy tree roots are equally expansive underground as the limbs are above the ground. The Thinkering will keep you updated on this incident.  

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