North Carolina man shot live on Social Media

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Prentis Robinson

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



A North Carolina man was shot and killed live on Facebook.

Prentis Robinson, walked out of the local police station where he reported a stolen cell phone and left the building while using a selfie stick and another cell phone when he was approached by another man. Douglas Colson, was later arrested for the murder of Robinson.

When Robinson left the stations Colson approached him with a long gun and shot him four time before fleeing. He was warned by the man murdered that he was on live with Facebook, Robinson shot him four times. Robinson was somewhat a community advocate and would go on Facebook live to air his grievances. Wingate North Carolina Chief Donnie Gay was speechless as he explained that he had just talked with Robinson who is identified as a musician from Atlanta.

He was a longtime fixture in Wingate, and graduated from the local high school. Facebook removed the video due to not knowing whether if the deceased would have wanted it that way.     

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