NCAA a Criminal Organization?

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College Atheletes

Scribe: Samuel Otis


Is there an American nonprofit corporation robbing collegiate students athletes? The NCCA was created in the middle of the 19th century and has existed since. The corporation intakes nearly $1 billion annually. In 2012 alone the NCAA surpluses more than $71. and the sole source of income are student athletes who are forbidden to have a job and do not get paid to play.

Pay these people dammit!

I know some jackass is reading this and saying to himself, “but, they get a free ride, scholarships and a ticket to a free education.” I those words echoed in your mind, then you probably were not talented enough to get an athletic scholarship. Poverty among players is not an uncommon situation.

Most of these players have always been special and have always known that their special. The rules suggest athletes out of high school play in the NCAA for one or two years respectively, basketball and football. From the athletes perspective, the player has been robbed of on or two years of salary from a professional league to play for free.

A $30,000 tuition is not paying the player that money. Most players are hungry and grossly impoverished and the NCAA is not sharing the wealth, and that ain’t right.

NCAA, end collegiate poverty, do the right thing. Pay the players for their play.   

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