Sports uniting Korea's after 67-years

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If North Korea and South Korea can come together despite Trumps punk ass, the so can we Americans.


Scribe: N. Tru Bass



“They only understand one thing,” Dumb Donald said on social media last September about North Korea. South Korea has proven that Trumps provocative talk does not work, at least with Koreans. The divisive rhetoric was charmingly for Americans. Neo Nazis are seeing a surge in popularity not seen before in the history of the country. While blacks and whites have never been more divided.

So, good for the Koreans for coming together after nearly 70 years to become allies by talking with each other and finding common ground first with the Olympic Games which have fared well and now are both enjoying post games success to the chagrin of the current US administration.

The five dollar question becomes, Why would Trump and his cronies want the Korean’s at odds?

Missile sales would be one reason. The THAAD missile defense system was sold by Trump last year. Of course South Korea was baffled by the request they pay for the system when the South Korean government and the US government have been allies for 67 years. The two military’s work in tandem, but Trump requested they pay the $1 billion price tag on the defense system.

American journalist have insisted, including myself that the Trump Administration has been successful in making deals around the world and padding they pockets leveraging the US government all the while.

South Korea kicked up sand because they never wanted the anti-missile solution in their country in the first place. The system has provoked China, and their northern namesake. The decision sparked protests and China has spoken its concern about proximity. The payment request has added insult to injury.

Now that Trump has been successful at pouring acid on relationships around the world, all in the name of squeezing more money for his families businesses, has made every American look like a jack-ass. We especially look like a country of weak and controlled minions when you consider Trump used the same divide and conquer tactic against the Korea’s Unsuccessfully.

Wake Up!

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