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Lady in the Bag

Scribe:  Lady in the Bag






Seeds of malcontent and freedom and revolution were/are deeply ingrained into the hearts and minds of all Americans, of all ethnicities, wherever their place of birth, minorities (Black, Hispanics, Orientals et al), Muslims, Jews, freedom sympathizers, gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transgenders, physically or intellectually challenged, under-educated, or unskilled workers: we must unite, and create a massive ThinkersCosmicForge, a movement, for: safety in our schools, equal treatment by the justice system, housing, free health-care, free community college, free job training, and complete transparency of King Bonespur Trump’s assets (any and all business interests, list of all holdings, even shell companies information).

RUSSIA THING The “Russia probe thing” is being handled by Special Prosecutor Mueller and his investigative team. We do know we were invaded by the Russians in 2016 (probably genesis in 2015), as evidenced by their cyber footprints, disrupting the democratic process of our presidential election; the election was hi-jacked and rigged. In fact, King Bonespur Trump denies that the hacking was done by the Russians: he is cozier with Putin (a mass murderer of Russian dissidents) than our FBI, CSI, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and our military. King Bonespur Trump’s failure to enforce sanctions against the Russians for prior bad acts and election meddling, speaks louder than words. Query: Who is going to punish the Russians? Not King Bonespur Trump! Ask why? My guess, mutual financial interests. Trump is busy dismantling our Federal government’s oversight (regulations) of industries and infra-structure; everything is on the table and up for grabs, by foreign states.

Despite King Bonespur Trump’s outward swagger, he is thewless and complacent; he believes that our president’s job is a mere sinecure. OKAY! He claims that he is unaware, unknown-ledgeable, and lacks experience with the Constitution of the United States and how the executive, legislative and judicial branches coordinate their efforts in order to maintain our democracy; and preserve our constitution. He surrounded himself with United States Generals; Does he believe that there will be an overthrow of the government? We are a democracy and failed to elect a president with knowledge of how to handle issues as a president should. King Bonespur Trump requested oaths of fealty or loyalty, impermissible under our constitution. King Bonespur Trump has and continues to fail to hear the hue and outcry of the American people

King Bonespur Trump must man-up and stop his epigrammatic, reflexive reply of: FAKE NEWS! Really? Global warming? FAKE NEWS! Russians tampered with our democratic elections?. FAKE NEWS! Any other issues generated by governing America? FAKE NEWS! FRANKLY, the only FAKE NEWS that exists is President Bonespur Trump’s REAL election. He has failed to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution, from bad actors (other countries), as he had sworn (under oath) to do. King Bonespur Trump is not protecting our government and the rights of all those who live in America: King Bonespur Trump is not a patriotic president, who puts national interests first. Yup! Make an offer and pitch it to Salesman King Bonespur Trump! What a deal? We’ll take it. NOW are you frightened? I hope so! Register to vote, then vote and convert the atmosphere of FEAR into an energized ThinkersCosmicForge, so we, as a nation, can move forward.

MASSACRE AT SCHOOL In the wake of the mass murder of 17 Americans (most of whom were teenagers) and 14 others injured, in Florida, King Bonespur Trump immediately falsely claimed that the F.B.I. failed to prevent the massacre, since they were too occupied investigating the Russia thing.. In doing so, he repeated his FAKE NEWS lie that the Russian thing did not include him and our judicial and legislative branches are dysfunctional and out to get him. We NEED change. YOU must vote! If you are angry that your government did not ban assault rifles, VOTE. Your only remedy is VOTE for a common sense approach to our second amendment rights! Let me assuage your fears, we will not ban all guns…just the guns in the wrong hands. ! If you are angry that your government did not ban sales of bump stocks which transforms a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic assault rifle, VOTE.! If you are angry that your government did not require a complete background check, prior to issuing a license, to be eligible to own a weapon, VOTE! ! If you are angry that your government did not require sales at “gun shows” to require background checks, VOTE! If you are angry at King Bonespur Trump for NOT using an “Executive Order” to ban assault rifles, bump stocks, and require complete background checks, including restraining orders, VOTE!


The world is “watching” us as we fill coffins again, with our children, teachers and school officials. King Bonespur Trump and his cronies are opposed to a ban on assault rifles (to my knowledge, neither deer nor warthogs carry assault rifles to even the odds). They do not fight back. Shoot ‘em and it’s done. Semi-automatic weapons need not be used as well…unless the hunted animals have learned how to fight back.

Photo op: King Bonespur Trump made an appearance at one funeral, visited with the wounded at the hospital and headed back to Mar-a-Lago (to play golf). Only words from the King. No actions or deeds. No suggestions and no bills concerning: ban of bump stocks, sales of semi-assault weapons, sales of assault weapons, restrictions of sales of weapons at gun shows, in depth background checks (including restraining orders) have been proposed by him.

After all that has occurred in Florida, the Florida State House voted against taking up a bill that would ban sales of assault military grade rifles, as dozens of school shooting survivors headed to Tallahassee to speak with Republican Governor Rick Scott, and likely speak with Republican Senator Marco Rubio (for march on Capitol). We, thinkers, believe in facing reality. We need to take action: locked gates and photo ID for entry, security personnel, encrypted computers and resources with which to engage in careful follow up on students who have difficulties in school or need a mentor (in order to focus). These are our kids, killing our kids/people.

You read The Thinkering News, so you are imbued with truth as your sword and kindness in your heart; you are a THINKER and THINKERS’ KNOW that with purity of heart, you can channel the force when we are called to action. If King Trump makes speeches, tweets, sends or voices a message (moves his fingers and lips) or postures about a position regarding a compelling issue THINKERS KNOW: What the king sayeth, is not what he doeth. King Trump changes his opinions and waivers when asked to confirm and then, on recap, performs a 180 and denies what he said, because he does not remember saying “those words” nor “taking that stance”, despite video and audio concurrence. In this Peoples’ White House, you must fight for your rights; contact your senator and/or congressperson to voice your opinion about assault weapons et al and ask them to propose or support legislative action on a Federal level; and/or urge your governor to act now on the state level.

If you have any suggestions for this writer, please feel free to forward them to:

Readers, continue to send XXXL Pampers and XL Depends to the People’s White house, attention: Adult Day Care Center.

The Lady in the Bag

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