Dublin Father worried for Sons safety after Mother Marries US Double Murderer

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Jacob Ind

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

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A Dublin, Ireland father is concerned notorious US prisoner convicted of killing his mother and father could in the future be responsible for the death of his son.

Denis Stalford, a native of North Belfast,31, has wed the “Woodland Park Killer.” Jacob Ind was convicted 25 years ago of killing his mother Pamela Jordan and stepfather Kermode Jordan and is now housed in a Colorado prison. The wedding happened last month after a US judge ruled that the then teen was denied the right to testify on his own behalf and the action warrants a retrial over the murders.

The 40-year-old Ind, has admitted killing the husband and wife by shooting and stabbing them in a violent attack while they slept in the early morning of 17 December 1992. He insist the killings were in self defense after suffering years of abuse.

The father of Stalford-Ind’s son is concerned that his son 10-year-old son could be in danger. Father Ashley Byrne recently said, "I'm frightened for my son's life; I'm sick with worry." Byrne,30, is an IT worker he lived with the new bride for two years before the break up. The two had lost contact but Mr. Byrne admits to being surprised by her choice of husbands. "As a parent, I would like to know why, out of everyone in the world - and there's a lot of people - why this person?" The IT worker had the one previous question when he learned who his sons step father is and what he did to be convicted.

The new Ms Ind, believes all the man who has lived behind bars since, 1992. The 15-year-old Jacob arrived at school on 17 December 1992 after spending the early hours of the day killing his mother and stepfather. He went to school and told a friend about the crime and his intentions to kill himself later in the day, but the friend went to the schools principal and the principal called police.

No date has yet been planned for the retrial, but his bride believes that he will be exonerated at trial. The couple plan to live in Ireland where no one knows about the murders, and the two along with her son can live happily ever after.




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