Clowns Diamond and Silk on the Trump Money Train

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Clowns Diamond and Silk

Scribe: Samuel Otis



Often I have conversations about politics and the lack of support in the African American community for the current sitting president of the United States. Mr. Trump has been successful in buying people during the course of his business career and he has not stopped since the business aspect of his life has morphed into politics and the selling of the United States.

Early during the campaign there was the “Blacks for Trump,” guy. The bearded black man who proudly wore the “Trump & Republicans are not Racist,” t-shirts. A few months later there were the southern sisters who hit YouTube and are now on a tour around the country supporting the racists in the white house.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way but these sisters are not strippers. Diamond and Silk are two sisters from South Carolina who decided to support the Trump machine in lieu of liquid. Diamond and Silk busted onto social media video with an unusual story. We Support Trump –and that puts the sisters in the less than 1% crowd of American Blacks. Whites love them, Fox News, loves them, Breitbart loves them and the Neo Nazis love the two young women. The internet sensations have launched a tour called the “Chit Chat Tour” where they are selling tickets to racists from around the country at a VIP rate of $150. this is the epitome of what the Trump business model looks like.

I must admit the background in their YouTube vids have improved greatly since the campaign, business must be good.


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