Uber Eats Driver Kills Atlanta Man

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Uber Eats Kills Atlanta Man

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass
Email:  ntb@thethinkering.com

Uber Eats driver delivering food to upscale Atlanta neighborhood Buckhead has killed a man.  The driver delivered food to the north Atlanta community on Saturday night minutes before mid night.  

Atlanta Police confirmed the driver was making a delivery and ultimately killed a man after he left his apartment to meet an Uber Eats driver and nevery returned.  Words were exchanged between the two men and the driver fired several shots.  The driver's name has not yet been released drove a white Volkswagen, the same vehicle he used to fled the scene.  

The victim was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition where he later died from complications of from his wounds.  

Ryan Thornton,30, of Atlanta was the man who was killed.  He was a recent graduate of Morehouse College and had just started a new job.  

According to the company its drivers aer all prescreened and includes a motor vehicle records check and a criminal records check on the county, city and federal levels. 

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