Letitia Wright: surprise Standout in Marvel's Black Panther

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Letitia Wright

Scribe:  Regina McCreary

Email:  regina@thethinkering.com


Breakout actress Letitia wright steals the show!

Letitia wright is a 24 year old breakout star of the Marvel Black
Panther movie.   Born in Guyana and raised in London, England,  she is dubbed the new kind of
Disney Princess.
She portrays a sharp young woman, and recently, said,."I
never seen a character like that in a script before," Wright continues. "I
never saw a young black girl interested in engineering science or math or
wanting to heal people .I saw lots of stereotypes, and that's clearly the
difference in why I really wanted to play that part".

This is just my opinion Wright seems pretty smart as she also mentioned about the charcter and cast, 
"These characters exist, but we never see them on the screen,especially the
mainstream level" she says."It was something really positive, so I wanted
to put that out there into the world." Like I've said she sounds like a
smart cookie to me.

You may have seen Wright in episodes of BBC's Doctor Who, AMC's Human or
Netflix's Black Mirror.  Wright is poised to continue a massive 2018, with
starring roles in May's other Marvel offerings stay tuned.

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