Fox Running Game and tricking the Old Folk

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Shephard Smith

Scribe: N. Tru Bass


Fox New has created what many are calling a controlled Chaos with Shepherd Smith running interference standing against his own network. While it appears to be a rogue Anchor, it is orchestrated to the point of aggravating the dedicated Trump Administration supports who are not in the Know.

We are all aware that savvy entertainers know the divisiveness sales. If you take a look at the rap game they often pit themselves versus a more distinguished entertainer to grab his coattail with the intention of rising to the top with him. On example is 50 cent and Jay-Z, back in the day and it worked. While rap audiences are becoming more aware of how things are done, news audiences are not.

The top dog in cable news is Fox News winning the 25-54 audience by 50 percent over its next competitor, MS-NBC and in a distant third is lowly CNN.

While Smith is an impressive orator, he is not against the people who pay him. Get smart news group, you’re making the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers look bad. 

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