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Interment Camps




America was founded by invading marauders, who over time systematically: murdered Native Americans, used underfed and underpaid Asians to build railroads, brought the institution of slavery to new horrific heights and cruelty, arrested Japanese American citizens and confined them in guarded camps (during World War II), turned ships back to Hitler’s Germany, that were carrying Jewish children (who were all murdered upon arrival back in Germany). Without fail Republicans continue to defund or underfund programs for our most vulnerable citizens [children, handicapped, disabled, elderly, working poor, folks of various faiths (not in lockstep with the white Christian males in Washington) and, of course, migrant workers and immigrants].


Now, let’s talk about poverty and how it is manifested in America today. America’s most vulnerable folks have: inadequate shelters in which to live (days or periods of no heat); days designated for fasting (since food ran out); drinking water that is often polluted; denied adequate shoes and clothing for the climate and conditions of the area in which they live; deficient and disrupted access to the power grid (electricity, generator, oil, coal or even firewood); and insufficient access to medical care. This list is clearly NOT exhaustive and is intended as a source of reference. Access to Healthcare is a fundamental right for all Americans. Having these aforementioned needs met are part of our core values. Basic human decency, as we strive to be compassionate, requires us (all of us: Americans) to meet the needs of those who cannot help themselves.


Zeitgeist must embrace these fundamental core values, without intersectionality.





Persons in Household Poverty Guideline

  1. $12,140

  2. $16,460

  3. $20,780

  4. $25,100

  5. $29,420

  6. $33,740

  7. $38,060

  8. $42,380

(for more than 8 persons add $4,320 for each additional person)

(Poverty Guidelines vary for persons residing in Alaska or Hawaii)


We must advocate for those who are unable to do so; we must return America to its former recognized status as: the place to live, rejoice and thrive. We must embrace our fellow brothers and sisters. Today, institutionalized poverty continues to exist and as in the past ‘controls’ the masses. We must not let lawmakers and King Trump foist their indifference upon us. We must remain a united force, with which to be reckoned. In unity, there is power. Lots of power!

We must continue to fight for freedom and equality wherever we are repressed. We must protest and march when called upon; we must continue to educate our people, in the ways of nonviolence. We must establish a network of leaders from each State and each town and initiate or actively participate in voter registration drives. America stands for unity. Our differences make us powerful. We are poised to win! Let’s do it together!





A sidebar: Stock market plunge effect: 84 percent of all stock is owned by Americans belongs to the wealthiest 10 percent of America. This includes 401K plans, individual retirement plans, 529 plans, and other pension plans.


Those that think color matters must look at the new pre-historic human remains, 10,000 years old; DNA testing revealed that this man had dark brown skin and blue eyes, WOW! This should be an eye-opener for the Neo-Nazi’s, KKK and other nationalist groups. They are black!!!! HEE! HEE!


King Trump wants America WHITE again. We, the folks with knowledge of reality, know we can defeat his premise and succeed. Let’s see what’s in store for us today: MORE FAKE news. HA! HA! HEE! HEE!


You read The Thinkering News, so you are imbued with truth as your sword and kindness in your heart; you are a THINKER and THINKERS’ KNOW that with purity of heart, you can channel the force when we are called to action. If King Trump makes speeches, tweets, sends or voices a message (moves his fingers and lips) or postures about a position regarding a compelling issue THINKERS KNOW: What the king sayeth, is not what he doeth. King Trump changes his opinions and waivers when asked to confirm and then, on recap, performs a 180 and denies what he said, because he does not remember saying “those words” nor “taking that stance”, despite video and audio concurrence. In this Peoples’ White House, you can engage in spousal abuse, with multiple spouses and on many occasions; King Trump was accused by Ivana of raping her; we’ve seen the Hollywood Access film of our king commenting that he could grab girls and women by their groin, with impunity, because he is rich. REALLY!

You can rape 14 year old girls and be endorsed for office by the king. You can be a five (5) time draft dodger (just like King Bonespur Trump); and order a parade in your honor (cost to us, the American taxpayers, upwards of $100 million dollars--guestimate).


If you have any suggestions for this writer, please feel free to forward them to:

Readers, continue to send XXXL Pampers and XL Depends to the People’s White house, attention: Adult Day Care Center.

The Lady in the Bag

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