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Clean it UP internet

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



UK Prime Minster Theresa May jolted social media platforms when she pointed out the grime that's allowed to persist. She said one, “simply cannot stand by while their platforms are used to facilitate child abuse, modern slavery or the spreading of terrorist or extremist content”.

Another punch has been thrown, this time from Unilever. You have probably heard of Lipton Tea and Hellman's mayonnaise or Dove soap, which are all Unilever brands and are constantly being advertised around the world. The Anglo-Dutch multinational company is one of the largest advertisers on all media platforms and is now kicking up sand.

CMO Keith Weed says, “It is critical that our brands remain not only in a safe environment, but a suitable one.” Weed wants digital platforms to clean it up, or the result will be pulling their brands from the channels who refuse to mitigate “toxic,” content.

While I believe the effort is needed, Weed closely echoed US President Donald Trump in saying, people are concerned about “Fakenews, and Fraudulent practices”. I find that hard to believe when child trafficking and modern slavery are using the conduits to recruit and do business. The readers that I have spoken with are more concerned about political propaganda, extremist content and child exploitation-terrorism a distant fourth. The big fish in the pond of social media are google and Facebook and not necessarily in that order. And this made up “Fakenews,” hell 30 percent of the information leaving the white house would fall under that category or simply made up political propaganda.

Who would be surprised to know, since entertainer Donald Trump is puppeteer in DC these days.

Unilever, there are very good reasons to request a clean up but Fakenews and the Russian investigations are not primarily on American’s minds. Which is where you spend 60 percent of your advertising budget. There is plenty to be concerned about. There is an endless list of human rights violations being perpetuated every minute on the computer web that have people worried, not Russia nor Fakenews. Maybe you should consider advertising with smaller media outlets people who actually work and not regurgitate the garbage printed on the “Briefings & Statements” pages from Pennsylvania Avenue.

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