Getting Buff after 40

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Over 40 Muscle

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



What is more important than a middle aged woman keeping herself in good physical shape is her making sure she keeps her spouse or significant other in shape.

As men age, well, let us begin at 40-years-old. Many people nearing this age are trying to better their physique or are interested in regaining that youthful muscle. It is usually around 40 that the testosterone began to noticeably wane and bones begin their journey to becoming smaller and weaker. Or skin starts to lose some it its natural elasticity and will later sag.

Health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and stroke become talk around the water cooler as joint pains and back pains appear more often.

Recent studies show that more than 8 million people have onset diabetes, 100,000 are diagnosed with colon cancer ever year. 60 million people are over weight and 50 million have high blood pressure. Before you and I are conquered by not working out , let’s get started.

I started on Mondale, so I’ll start there and you can follow along.

Monday – Chest/Triceps

Tuesday – Bike 30 Minutes

Wednesday – Back/Biceps

Thursday – Heavy Bag 30 Minutes

Friday – Shoulder/Traps

Saturday – Thigh/Calves/Abs

Sunday - Rest

Now, that we have an outline, it’s time to take a break, but before we do lets deal with preliminaries. Before you workout do a warm-up at least 5 minutes just to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing through the body. Post workout you should take the final 30 minutes to moderately cool down. Between each set take a few minutes to catch your breath before continuing.

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