Russian Sanctions refused by Trump Administration

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Barack Obama

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



The Trump administration has usurped the power of the congress and refused to impose sanctions against Russia despite lawmakers declaring it necessary by an overwhelming majority in mid-2017. A State Department official said, “Today, we have informed Congress that this legislation and its implementation are deterring Russian defense sales. Since the enactment of the . . . legislation, we estimate that foreign governments have abandoned planned or announced purchases of several billion dollars in Russian defense acquisitions.”

Did you get that?

Traditionally sanctions by their very notion represent a punishment for an action. It is usually placed as a method to counter adversarial behavior through economic lessening. I’m surely beginning to understand why my dear friend, “The Lady In The Bag,” calls this chump, King Trump.

The Wrist slap for Russia was in response to the 2016 election interference, I suppose if it was for your benefit, punishment would not be appropriate. Experts expect Russian interference in the upcoming 2018 mid-terms due to the celebratory nature of this refusal to adhere to the letter of the law.

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