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Media Attack

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


Journalist are under attack around the world thanks to the empty rhetoric of US president Donald Trump. Many wise men have said democracy does not work without the fourth estate. Wise men also know men seeking corrupt influence do everything possible to get rid of the free press.

As a young man during discussion we often compared democratic republics to communist states and the benefits of the initial. To say those differences are a bit blurred is an understatement. Now the poison spreads through Asian countries seeking more control. “Fake News,” was the tagline the president began with at the top of his candidacy. It was necessary due to the many reports of allegations of business wrongdoing.

Over the weekend Rodrigo Duterte the president of the Philippines went after an independent news site that accused him of wrong doing. The equivalent of the SEC responded by pulling its license. A bit Trumpisk, wouldn’t you say?

In Myanmar, a couple of journalist are facing charges while reporting for Reuters on the Rohingya issue. Next door in Cambodia, a news bureau had to close its doors despite being funded by US sources due to reporters being arrested.

In the past, the government and the media co-existed with some fluctuation going from good to worse. However, the undermining by the US government is sure to pock mark the governments ability to share information with the world and her own people. The owner of the online source says the DOJ and SEC actions are attempts to intimidate her outlet and has vowed to explore every available legal avenue for recourse.

This should serve ass a message to all fascist governments, that free press will continue and thrive, and continue to spread the truth. Around the world, there are a record number of journalist in jail according to recent reports. 262 journalist wake up everyday looking through bars due to the line of work pursued.

Thank you Mr. Fake News, you will never silence your critics.

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