Roger Federer steps up for the Big "S"

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Roger Federer

Scribe: Samuel Otis



If there is a superman in modern sports Roger Federer has to be a candidate. In recent reports, his career is outlined and the numbers are unreal. In his first 30 major singls finals he won 20 hof them starting in 2003. To compare, Serena Williams Played 29 major singles finals winning 23 of them, her first was in 1999. Wait, this is about superman, not superwoman, by the way she will return to tennis after a short break to give birth to her first child. Her return is scheduled for the Federation Cup in February.

Fedrerer is 36 years old which is worth an award in itself, but thats not all, He won yet another Australian Open on Sunday, yes, the day before Monday. He defeated Marin Cilic, whom he has previously met in a US Open Semifinal and last summer in a Wimbledon final. For the sixth time in seven finals he took home th trophy. He matched out winning the fitth sex 6-1 and won 12 or the last 13 points of the match.

Last year at the Australian he met and defeated Rafa Nadal, winning his 18th major tourney, locking even with Jack Nicklaus except in golf. Since then he has won three more majors, this dude is a machine.

There is another champion thats getting up in age, before we award Federer with the big S, we should wait to see what the 40-year-old Tom Brady has for us this weekend in super bowl 52, he might in fact get an “S” of his own.

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