Three Best foods for a Long Life

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Scribe: Samuel Otis



It’s the food! Everyone knows for a long and healthy life, its the food. A new study found the foods that the top three countries in the world with the highest life expectancy are the Principality of Monaco, Japan and Singapore. Experts officially reject the term “Superfood,” but there are foods more nutritionally dense than others.

Ok, here is the list.

Edamame, (Soybeans) or Fresh soybeans have been a staple of Asian cuisine for generations, and have gained popularity in the western world as of late. They are added to soups, sold in snack packs and added to rice dishes. The beans fall into the isoflavones category, its a type of phytoestrogen tha is plant derived and have anti-cancer and antimicrobial properties.

Soybean Curd or Tofu, its a white cheese-like product made also of soybeans. They have been linked to a wealth of benefits for the human body. In addition to the above referenced benefits it is also a good source of protein and contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs to synthesize protein.

Carrots, one of my personal favorites is not just good for your vision but is good for converting Beta-carotene to vitamin A. Vitamin A is involved in immune function, vision, reproduction and cellular communication. Some studies also claim carrots may have a protective effect against cancer.

While all vegetables have some health benefits, and raw ones more than cooked, never fear cooking them because most of them have the benefits through and through.

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