Davos World Economic Forum What's the Plan?

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Davos Switzerland

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


What is the Davos World Economic Forum? In 1971, Klaus Schwab formed a new foundation and planned the first academic, economic and management symposium. He was motived due to recently returning from a year at Harvard University and the desire to share his fresh expertise in US management systems with the world. The first forum was attended by 450 people looking for a business and academic advantage.


It grew quickly and was attended going forward by business leaders and later political leaders and is now considered the preeminent meeting for the 1 percenters. The forum is held in Davos, Switzerland, a small Alpine town with a normal population of about 10,000.

\People who currently attend this meeting includes Kings, Queens and Princes. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, King Abdullah II of Jordan, the son of the man who held oil prices at a better purchase price for several years, both attend.

Trump says he us headed to the Alpine town to sell the American first ideology, however, for thosed thinking American’s we know this former ethically questionable businessman almost always says one thing and does something different. Media, outlets says hes selling the idea, but most American’s are concerned about him continuing to sell off American resources.

The family farmers have been duped, energy companies have purchased the right to drill and work without concern of environmental issues, the banks no longer have to worry about the rights of the people and family farmers are crying foul.

Every company that threw buckets of cash at his feet know has his attention and favor. Everyone has already figured this out except those who are still hoping to be taking care of by Mr. Trump who has historically been described as narcissistic and selfish.

\Davos date span 23 January through 26 January, in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.


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Fantastic very informative! Kuddos!

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