California Couple treats Maltese better than Children

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Turpin Dogs treated better than Children

Scribe: N Tru Bass



13 abused children were found in a California house this week, the couple absuing the children the woman gave birth to them and the man fathered the long dozen. The couple is now pled not guilty to 75 separate charges.

David Turpin and Louise Turpin, 57 and 49-years-old respectfully, pushed back against the charges the state announced on Thursday afternoon. The couple has been held in the Robert Presley Detention center since their arrest on Monday morning. The children ranged in age from toddler to 29 years and psychologically tortured, physically abused and stunted in growth.

Authorities were alerted t the situation after a teen girl escaped the house with a sibling and told the police of her and her siblings plight. The children were forced to become myrmidons, and slept during the day while up all night.

The family formerly lived in the lone star state in two separate houses. The couple delivered food to the children,California authorities has said the abuse began in Texas. The family lived in the Fort Worth area and officials have reached out to Texas citizen an authorities for information.

In a bazaar twist, the family had a couple dogs, Maltese, who were perfectly healthy.

Massachusetts Mental Health counselor, Willie McCreary admits many people treat their pets better than their human counterparts or even family.

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