US no longer most Admired Leadership

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Scribe: Samuel Otis


At the close of the Trump administration’s first year the US has the lowest world wide approval since records have been kept. At the close of former president Barack Obama’s final term The US led the world in leadership approval.

According to a recent Gallup poll, regionally, the US leadership suffered more than any other coutnry in the western hemisphere. US leadership dropped from a 49 percent approval rating at the end of he Obama years and a single year later the rating is 24 percent currently. The US dips below both Germany and China in worldwide appreciation. Germany has had a level 41 percent ww thumbs up, while Chine comes in at 31% and is slightly more popular than Russia at 27%. Both China and Russia are considered superpower countries and are better liked than the US for the first time since polling.

This polar shit is unprecedented, but does it matter? I believe its too soon to know if Businessman turned politician’s unusual political tactics will hurt the country long term.

Americans polled by The Thinkering say they have never seen the country more divided since the O.J. Simpson trial in 1994.

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This country is just as admired as our so called commander in chief.

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