Tri-State University of Alabama Racists Expelled for her N*gger Mantra

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Harley Barber
Scribe: N. Tru Bass
A tri-state woman who was attending the University of Alabama has just gotten booted out of her sorority and out of school for being a bad citizen. Harley Barber says she is from New Jersey, and assured her social media crowd that she didn't care if it was Martin L. King holiday, she can say Ni*ger all she wants. 
The video was inflammatory and has gone viral since its release. Basketball head coach and NBA Hall of Famer Avery Johnson, and everyone else. 
Below is a video to catch you up on the incident. 

Harley Barber Racist

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She deserves whatever  they gave her and probably more.. Ignorance is not and excuse to be hateful.

Can we say dumb a$$ Fool. My mouth fell open watching that fool..There are just not enough words to  say..Lord Help this World.Smh

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