Kaepernick making good on $1million pledge with $100,000 bonus

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NFL free agent and former Super bowl QB Colin Kaepernick said on Wednesday that he will name 10 organizations who will receive the final $100,000. He has decided it will go to ten worthy organizations and will be matched by a different celebrity. Each of the 10 organizations will receive 10,000 from Kaepernick and another $10,000 from someone else.

The first organization announce is Silicon Valley De-Bug, its a community base organization in San Jose, and Norther California’s South bay that helps youth, immigrants and low-wage workers. The funds will be matched by Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant.

Since late 2016 the former NFL back has donated more to more than 30 community groups, the last $10,000 is being called the final round of the $1 million pledge.

He went a long way in his quest to change the world for the better when he began kneeling for the national anthem during the 2016 preseason, to protest, police shooting unarmed African Americans with no redress. He earned $12.3 million in 2016 and was not signed in 2017, causing many people to say that he was blackballed by the NFL for his protest.

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You cant keep a good man down God Speed!

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