New Haven Man assaults Woman during Burglary

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Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



Ernest Snow, 56, has been arrested in a series of burglaries in Hamden. Snow allegedly stole clothing outside one woman’s home only to move on to another woman just blocks away.

Around 10pm, Monday night Hamden police officers were alerted to a residence on Walden with a burglary in progress. Investigators say the New Haven man forced his way into the common hallway of the three story building stole and continued to Whitney.

He then entered a home on Whitney Avenue, he forced his way in through a rear door and explored his way to the third floor. The resident was on the phone at the time with the police, Snow was able to reach inside the door and grab the woman’s arm. She suffered an injured wrist and back in the melee.

It was on Dixwell and Connolly Parkway that police apprehended the man and found burglary tools in his possession. He is charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools, larceny and assault.

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