Lady in the bag: Shut the Front Door!

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Jail Trump

Scribe:  Lady in the Bag



WOW! I do feel a bit better, since I finally blurted out my true impressions of King Trump; when I think that he cannot further compromise America’s status, as a democratic nation of laws and values, with foreign countries and American citizens, he shocks sensibilities and is more destructive than a massive apocalyptic event. He continues to repeat four refrains: 1: “Believe me! Believe me!” 2: “I NEVER said that, never, not me.” 3. “The press is out to get me!” and 4. “Let’s change the libel laws!”

You read The Thinkering News, so you are imbued with truth as your sword and kindness in your heart; you are a THINKER and THINKERS’ KNOW when they are being snookered. If King Trump makes speeches, tweets, sends or voices a message (moves his fingers and lips) or postures about a position regarding a compelling issue THINKERS KNOW: What the king sayeth, is not what he doeth. King Trump changes his opinions and waivers when asked to confirm and then, on recap, performs a 180 and denies what he said, because he does not remember saying “those words” nor “taking that stance”, despite video and audio concurrence.

King Trump played to the audience and lied, with impunity, to each and every one in attendance. Our ruthless, obdurate leader, King Trump, during his campaign, promised to provide succor for our DACA children (brought to America through no fault of their own); said he would preserve, unencumbered Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and preserve the right for people with pre-existing medical conditions to have health insurance (at their current premium rates or less); promised to preserve CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program); bring back jobs that had been outsourced by manufacturers; coal mines would be re-opened and clean coal (oxymoron) would be mined; no gun control (other than that which already exists) would be instituted; products made in America would be sold; women’s rights would be eviscerated: no rights to pregnancy termination—strictly enforced and violators would be jailed (the doctors, women and even men who impregnated the female); anyone not born in America (even naturalized citizens) would be subject to revocation of citizenship, green card destruction and subject to deportation from America by Immigration Services; at fundraising events handicapped folks were ridiculed; Muslims were held in disdain (even a Gold Star family were disdained);

King Trump is like a sirocco storm that succeeded in mobilizing haters of every type and nature;

he is nothing more than a schoolyard bully, who lacks knowledge and intelligence. I fear that his exchanges of tweets has set us on the brink of war and loss of faith in his leadership of the American people. We are patient, and even find humor in Trumps’ weird rants. But this is the world stage and stating: Africans should go back to their huts, all Haitians have Aids and along with El Salvador: these nations are “s***hole countries”. King Trump has made it abundantly clear that he wants immigrants from Norway and Europe. Believe me! Believe me! Despite King Trump’s comments to the contrary, he is NOT a stable genius! He is a man on the verge of destroying our great American country’s reputation and lands and seas. Widespread off shore oil rigs, covering the West coast and East coast (with exemption for Florida’s coast where one of King Trump’s well-known Golf Resort exists: is an interesting self-serving exemption is available to the King).

Readers, please continue to send Pampers (XXXXLarge) and Depends (XLarge) to the Peoples’ White House for King T****; mail as follows: Attention Adult Daycare Center.

The Lady in the Bag

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Great article I could have not said better!!

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