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Scribe: Lucy Osbourne
This weekend the Vikings and the Saints has the sports world abuzz. The much talked about game came down to a single play that put Minnesota ahead, 29-24 to the dismay of the New Orleans' team.
On a play called 7 Heaven Stefon Diggs caught a pass from Case Keenum with 14 seconds to play, down 24-23, with the Vikings on their own 39-yard line, to make history.
For the first time in NFL Super Bowl history, no team has ever played for the championship on their home field. The die has been cast and The conference Championship will be held on 21 January, 2018. For the AFC Championship the contest will feature, Jacksonville at New England in the early game and Minnesota at Philadelphia in the late game.
It was my duty to provide some information about what's going on the Professional football, but, I'm really not engaged this season. I got a little too much reality, to realize the support team owners provided the country's political leaders.
The idea of people not giving a damn about police officers shooting unarmed people didn't help either. Maybe at some point I will re-engage but for now it all seem a big to do about nothing.
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