America's hiding Cinderella?

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Level playing Field

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



How is it possible that a country and culture who believes in rewarding merit fall behind in nearly ever world economic and educational category? In America most of us believe we live in a country that is a meritocracy and that for the most part people are rewarded based on their ability and effort. Meritocracy usually reveals itself by a rise in world standing over the course of time. According to polls Americans are more likely to believe that people are rewarded for their intelligence and skills and are less likely to believe that family wealth plays a key role in getting ahead.

American meritocratic ideals have always remained steady through time, however during slavery the country’s world ranking skyrocketed. An invisible disenfranchised group did the work for no pay and others benefited in the wealth that was provided by hundreds of years of free labor along with even more years of no recognition and disproportionate pay.

African American’s were told and believed they would be able to participate in a merit based ideology and with hard work and dedication leading the way and would too enjoy the fruits of living the American dream. However, that idea has yet to come to past.

In America, all groups identified as minority groups are treated with varying degrees of fairness, although a mainstay has remained, those people who if time were to be dialed back would fall into the slave category.

American slavery has been identified as the most inhuman institution in world history. One reason it earned this distinction is the slave trade was based solely on appearance, with brown skin you became a slave in the new world. Secondly, the world has always had slave systems, but most were based on merit or a lack of ability and with an increasing ability would be relieved of being a member of the lower cast. Contrastingly, American slavery lasted from birth to death despite ability.

From birth to death and based on a color coded system, African Americans disappeared into the tapestry of an American under class by systematic effort with bold efforts both then and now being employed.

Researchers believe slavery offered immigrating Europeans the ability to pull themselves from dire poverty to wealth by the sweat of the African American’s brow. Creating a cast system that stands to this day. But, Blacks did not get the memo. Blacks still believe at some point just due will arrive.

Immigrating European whites were from the lowest socio-economic group and most came to the Americas with no wealth and many came with debt. Those who arrived in debt were allowed to pay off their passage fee via seven years of humane labor upon arrival. Indentured servants from Europe were able to work themselves to a higher lot with smooth transition. Of course with high ability and effort they could rise in the ranks just as anyone should. In 10 years European vagabonds became middle class American citizen, with many fairing even better—receiving land and government allotments.

This fairness was not transferred to African American slaves, this allowed everyone including those who arrived on prison hulks to take credit for the intelligence and physical prowess of African Americans while concealing them in the shed.

African Americans have always requested fairness and the request is always denied. However, Blacks are not asking for something that they are not willing to give. Despite being a part of a greater community who does not believe in a merit system. Most blacks still participate and give credit where it is due.

If the African American community identifies someone who is good at what they do, then they are always duly rewarded despite race, gender or any other factions that could be created.

Eminem the world class rapper openly tells a story of a poor white guy who develops and hones his skills as a vocal entertainer, with some doubt the African American community accepted the gifts displayed by the talented rapper without bias --Blacks supported his efforts. The list of people who provide evidence of this ideology is long.

Off the top of my head, I think of Tom Jones, Bette Midler, Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, The Beasty Boys, Madonna, Pink, Cher, Fred Astaire, The Beatles, Bee Gees, Chicago, Hall and Oates, The Beach Boys, Jim Thorpe, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, Babe Ruth, Jack Nicholson, Barry Mannilow, Paul Anka, Justin Timberlake, Neil Sadaka, Andy Gibb, Captain and Tennille, etc. This is a list of people that I thought of in the last 60 seconds and it is by no means exhaustive. The above named are based on conversations that I have had personally, albums that I have seen in the collections of people that I know and of personal admiration.

Black people appreciate the people above and many more because their actions or professional ability extended deserved recognition. Despite race, sex or religions orientation these people were appreciated because they are or were outstanding at what they do.

Its time America rise above her fear of competition and embrace the gifts and talent in every nook and cranny of American society. America’s world rankings are suffering because whole factions of talented people are being buried in the education and criminal justice system stifling the country’s ability to be a world standout. Its not just the black community suffering, bias in the form of anti-immigrant sentiment, anti-Semitic rhetoric, or any other kind of bias is not just wrong but counter productive for a country of immigrants.

It’s time for change, it’s time for a united country. A USA thats capable of competing with the rest of the world without technically eliminating competitors from the race because we are weak.

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Great article by the way i could not have said it better, It should be the same goes for you and I but not the case whatsoever.The sad truth.

Great Article.. you sure said that right


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