Sexual Abuse allegations continue Upward against Hip Hop Pioneer

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Russell Simmons

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne


Russel Simmons accusers has grown to 14, including 7 rapes being investigated by the New York Police Department. Rape allegations against the hip hop mogul began in late 2017, and the world armed up against powerful men taking advantage of their positions.

In Late December two women filed police complaints that happened in 1983 and 1991, and in New York state there is no statue of limitations on Rape.

On accuser Sherri Hines alleged Simmons invited her into his new sparsely furnished office asked her to have a seat on the couch and raped her while her friend waited in the lobby. When allegations began Simmons pushed back by creating a media campaign of his own called #NotMe in an effort to refute sexual abuse allegations against him. He has since ended the campaign as the numbers of women continue to ascend.

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Russell Simmons is a respected man. I hope these allegations are false for his sake, but you know how the old saying goes where there is smoke  there will be fire..

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