DACA protected by California Judge

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DACA Protected

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


California judge William Alsup upheld put the mean ole Trumps plan to deport people who were brought to this country as children illegally by their parents. The sitting president in September rescinded the Deferred Action for childhood Arrivals put in place by former president Barack Obama. The program protects more than 800,000 people who only know the USA as home.

The San Francisco judge ordered the program stay in place until all litigation against the move continues. He specifically said, "the government is hereby ordered and enjoined, pending final judgment herein or other order, to maintain the DACA program on a nationwide basis on the same terms and conditions as were in effect before the rescission".

As the president answers questions concerning his mental health, he is showing duplicitous on this decision, on one hand saying, “I have great love” for DACA Dreamers on the other hand doing everything possible to deport them.

On Tuesday, the president and law makers on both sides of the isle agreed to work together on an immigration bill, make a decision on chain migration, the wall, DACA and the visa lottery system.

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This is a great article, these children have just much the rights to be here as much as the the president wife that can hardly speak english.

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