White privledge evident in Bundy Dismissal

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Bundy Rebellion

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


We have seen a rash of unarmed African Americans shot down in the street by professional peace officers, who claimed they were fearful of her life. Only 14 days of 2017, American police didn't’t shot and kill a citizen. More than 1100 people were shot and killed, alarmingly 25 percent of people shot had mental illness and another 25 percent were Black people, despite Black’s making up just 13 percent of the US Population based on census reports.

There is nothing new about the above statistics. Tracing back the past few years the numbers appear mirror the previous years becoming and ever increasing trend. Another slap in the face is 99 percent of officers involved faced no criminal charges, basically there is no accountability.

That's not what this story is about. This opinion piece is about a man and his family who took possession of a federal public building and held federal officers at gunpoint.

Cliven Bundy and his sons appear to be enjoying all the trappings of white privilege. You remember this guy, he owned land in southeastern Nevada and allowed his cattle to graze on federal property. This is not a crime however, there is a fee associated with allowing your personal cattle to graze on the American people’s land. After being charged to pay over $1 million is grazing fees, assessed to him by the United States Bureau of Land management.

After a 21 year long legal dispute between the Bundy's and the Feds, a handful of people began to protest to change grazing rules, Bundy declined to renew his permit for cattle grazing on public land.

The landowners argument is the Federal government does not have the constructional authority to own vast tracts of lands.

Lloyd D. George ordered Bundy from trespassing on federally administered land in Clark County in the summer of 2013.

The Bundy’s became poster boys for government defiance, and were often asked to travel to provide support in other parts of the country. In 2016, the Cliven Bundy was arrested at the airport and charged with 16 federal felony counts. His sons Ryan and Ammon Bundy were also arrested with two friends, broadcaster Peter Santilli and Ryan Payne were also arrested and charged for their participation in the commandeering of a federal building.

On 8 January, 2018, Charges against the men was dropped with prejudice for the 2016 armed standoff with the federal enforcement officers. Legal scholars and the US Supreme Court says the United States Constitution grants plenary authority to Congress to manage federal property, including land.

The Bundy's found success in Armed Rebellion.

I don’t wish for the Bundy’s to end in a hail of gunfire from federal officers. However, it would be nice for officers, on all levels should exercise the restraint of not shooting down unarmed men women and children. We as Americans demanding the criminal justice system to stop the madness and level the playing field before others begin to follow the Bundy playbook.



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