US Government Targeting Black Groups before a Crime

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Police Shooting down Unarmed Black Men

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Ever heard of BIE? Ever heard of the KKK? In reverse order I will explain both these acronyms and their mission. The KKK is one of many American terrorist organizations that sprung up in 1865, to terrorize newly freed slaves, with death and gore. Over the past 153 years not much has changed. Many of the klansmen then represented law enforcement, family doctors and lawyers and otherwise respectful people. However there is a new threat.

BIE, or Black Identity Extremists likely Motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers is the new threat. Believe it or not tax dollars are being tossed at this faux-COINTELPRO initiative in anticipation of a crime. Before I go deeper into the BIE, I will first revisit the COINTELPRO a program directed by J. Edgar Hoover.

Jeff Session, a man who has always lived and worked inside the KKK Corridor is the nations Attorney General. This Alabama man brings to fore the traditional ideologies of his father and his father’s father. Survival for him and his family depended on being united and fairness never played into the equation. When I speak of fairness, I’m speaking directly about racial fairness. Segregation was the law during Sessions formative years and quasi-segregation from that point to now. To offer some supportive information the neighboring state of Mississippi ratified the 13th amendment in 2013. Mississippi’s dedication to a return of slavery was unwavering and most of the region behaves similarly.

The good Ole boys in the corridor will do anything and everything to maintain the status quo. Southern White males who cannot compete in a larger market will sacrifice, the courts, the law, their women and anything else to preserve what he holds sacred—white male supremacy.

COINTELPRO is an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program and was a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation aimed at surveillance, infiltrating and discrediting, disrupting domestic political organizations who fought to get a level playing field. Like the KKK, COINTELPRO targeted African American organizations primarily, but it bled into anti-Vietnam groups, Puerto Rican independence efforts, feminist organizations. Basically any group that represented the nouveau left had cross-hairs on their backs.

Back to the BIE, instead of the criminal justice leg of government prosecuting criminal officers in police departments, a page was pulled from J. Edgar Hoovers play book, to preemptively target African Americans.

Its not fair or right for any American three letter group to target legally acting groups in an effort to push them into committing a criminasal act. It is also wrong to attack groups in anticipation of a criminal act.

Preemptive targeting must stop, the most effective terrorist have already been identified.

Question:  Since the KKK has recently added Catholics to its list of foe's, to join African Americans, Jews, Immigrants, Gays and Lesbians, has there been a federal initiative launched by the US Government?

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This should be and outrage..It make no good sense because it was made up and believed by ignorant people how about if the shoe was on the other foot then we will see who is the real snowflake..

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