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Recy Taylor

Scribe: Samuel Otis

Email: samuel@thehtinkering.com


Oprah Winfrey told the story of a woman who died 10 days from yesterday, Recy Taylor. The story she told was the story of a young woman walking home from church getting gang raped by six white men after abducting her.

Black newspapers and press and civil right organizations stepped forward demanding justice. Justice never came. Not unsurprisingly, during the Jim Crow era in the south, crimes against people of color was never justly settled. She was kidnapped and rapped in a Abbeville, Alabama where she died on Thursday, just three weeks after a documentary about the crime was released, She was 97-years-old.

The rap trial never happened, two all white, all male grand juries refused to indict the men involved, this even after one of the men confessed t the crime. In 2011, the Alabama legislature officially apologized for the failureto prosecute the men and said of the incident it was, “morally abhorrent and repugnant.”

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