Lady in the Bag: Emoluments are MINE! Say's former Reality Show Actor Turned President

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Scribe: Lady in the bag



ONLY I CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I AM A GENIUS! “Every country I went to hosted me the best ever in the history of any presidency and gave me great, great gifts, even great gifts for Melania,” so sez King T****! You read The Thinkering News and YOU are an Independent Thinker, a Thinker who actually THINKS.

\QUERY: To whom do these gifts belong? King and Queen T**** or us (The people, The Masses, The Taxpayers, The Exploited). Yes, we Thinkers know those gifts belong to us: the Masses, not the Trumps. I wonder if the T****s loaded their suitcases with hotel towels and toiletries. HMMMMM! Did any silverware or crystal glasses disappear at any of these hosted dinners? Since the T****s did not have to go through security or metal detectors, at the airports, anything could have been purloined; I wonder if the luggage rattled: all that silverware, crystal and goodies. Hee! Hee!

Here’s the REAL STORY: the founders or our nation and the framers of the Constitution were fearful that foreign entities, sovereigns and their agents (wealthy, rich and powerful folks) would attempt to influence or manipulate (via gifts, money and other things of value) our leaders; the influence of foreign powers could pose an insidious risk to our self-government, national security and independence. This rule is very strictly enforced.

King T****, his family and their various corporate entities (forming their empire), are prohibited from accepting payments, or anything of value whatsoever from foreign governments, agents or leaders.

As a Thinker you already know this rule. However, since King T**** never reads nor understands the language of the Constitution of the United States: he suffers from the delusion that he is on a game show and the prizes are his. NO! King T**** is wrong: gifts and things of any value to him, his business enterprises (vast and wide), his family, entities and holdings shrouded in secrecy, agents and others are forbidden to receive from foreign dignitaries or foreign states, anything of value, unless Congress agrees to grant permission. Included in the Constitution is the Emoluments Clause, Article 1 Section 9, Clause 8, (also known as the Sinecure Clause, or Incompatibility Clause or Ineligibility Clause). This clause seeks to shield the republican character of the United States against corrupting foreign influences.

 We Thinkers are aware that the Russians have clearly thrown their hat in the ring and King T**** played “craps” and whirled the wheel of fortune. We know, in 2016, a foreign government meddled with our elections; accordingly, the very heart of our self-governance is at risk, since it appears to be for sale. King T****’s visits to his golf resorts (aside: approximately 1/3 of his days in office were spent playing golf), are on our tab, and meetings with dignitaries at his resorts are paid by us or the dignitaries directly to the resort; let’s drill down to resort: said property is owned by or part of multiple entities that are part of King T****’s empire. Who gets the money?

Readers, please continue to send Pampers (XXXXLarge) and Depends (XLarge) to the Peoples’ White House for King T****; mail as follows: Attention Adult Daycare Center.


The Lady in the Bag

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Great article this site is very informative great information keep up the great work! You are dead on with this.

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