Trump's Military disrespect Unpresidented

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Trumps Military Dis

Scribe: N. Tru Bass


In the national sphere of presidential politics, political correctness has its place. There has never been a time that I have appreciated PC more than now, being forced to watch an informal political executive in the White House. Now, I know the importance of bridling your tongue.

Last week the sitting president poked at the leader of the North Korean government about having his nu clear button on his desk. This is my opinion is the greatest form of disrespect. The volunteers that guard the gates of this place should be given the utmost respect, because the job is not a great one and honor rarely enters their lives.

To instigate a national leader is a fools game, one you expect from a guy down the block at the bar but not a resident of the White House.

During a recent protest of White Police officers gunning down unarmed Black men at NFL games, the man in the White House claimed the athletes were disrespecting the troops. He then rallies up and spits in the face of Kim Jong Un for no apparent reason with the button comment. The executive in the White House must know, no one is so afraid that they won’t fight. To antagonize is a child's game and the consequences are real for some people. Not those with heel spurs but for most.

The men and women who take on the responsibility of safe guarding this unusual country do so without surety of physical existence and for little pay. These people with honorable jobs do not deserve to have to deal with a man who can put them in harms way without serious consideration.

I say this as psychiatrists are meeting with lawmakers concerning the mental health of Donald Trump. Just days ago, Dr. Bandy X. Lee of Yale University met with a dozen or so members of congress concerning the president’s mental health. According to reports when asked about his mental health he responded, that he is a “very stable genius.”

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