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Scribe:  Lady in the Bag


BELIEVE ME! BELIEVE ME! So Sayeth King T****!

We got this! You read The Thinkering News and YOU are an Independent Thinker, a Thinker who actually THINKS. So, when you hear the magic words: “Believe me! Believe Me!” be certain that you count your fingers after you shake the speaker’s hand.

Be discerning in your acceptance of the term “FAKE NEWS”; this lexicon actually didn’t exist, until King T**** took office. Now, below is the real, I mean real, quick bio of King T**** (surname of Drumpf) that begins with the King’s paternal grandfather Frederick Drumpf, who at age 16, immigrated from Bavaria (Germany) to America; grandpa Frederick had neither a trade nor funds: in fact, after being unsuccessful at various jobs, he became a barber: he felt disappointed with his lot in life and attempted to repudiate his American status and return to his homeland; Bavaria’s (Germany’s) regime refused to allow Drumpf to return to his homeland, after a 7 year absence; Grandpa Drumpf began his evolving empire by leasing and running Whorehouses (with the euphamism of gaming ladies), boarding houses and bars stocked with liquor; the name Drumpf was miraculously transformed into Trump and so a dynasty emerged. King T****’s paternal grandmother also came to America with no skills.

King T****’s grandparents would never have been allowed to emigrate, pursuant to our King T****’s stringent new immigration rules that he and fellow Republicans, want to implement.

King T****’s father, Fred Trump was arrested at and attended KKK rallies in New York City; he was part of the 1000 KKK man march in Jamaica, Queens and arrested: reported in newspapers and other documents. Fred, began buying properties, even building some projects; however, these male figures reinforced the xenophobia from which the King suffers.

King T**** comes from a very spotty family history. He worked for his father, in the family rental and property development business. Clearly, no rentals were made to undesirables: African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews and Gays, Lesbians etc. Yup, T**** was trained, on his father’s knees, to keep up the appearance of wealth, and absolutely not rent to undesirables (code for us, the masses).

King T**** considers humans as tools, with which to embellish his wealth and enforce his narcissistic behavior. The name Trump is used as a salvo, when arguing with someone that you don’t like. Yup! Sticks and stones may break my bones but if you call someone a TRUMP, you might lose a few teeth in battle. Many will come to your aid, and the name TRUMP shall live in infamy. Yeah! Call someone a Trump and you have now called someone an epithet.

Here’s how it goes: Wad ya call me? A TRUMP??? How dare you? Trump! Trump! Trump! Ya better take it back. No. You know what you are. Yeah, but never, ever a TRUMP! Them’s a fightin’ name. Call me a thug, thief, idiot, moron, stupid, suckie or nasty, but Never a TRUMP!!

Readers, please continue to send Pampers (XXXXLarge) and Depends (XLarge) to the Peoples’ White House for King T****; mail as follows: Attention Adult Daycare Center.


The Lady in the Bag

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