Bannon and Trump a Crack has developed in the Earth

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Bannon and Trump

Scribe: N. Tru Bass


The White House has imposed a ban on personal communication devices after major detachment with Trumps former associate and reputed racist Steve Bannon. Former White House strategist Bannon has proved during the Alabama congressional race that his power are greater than the sitting presidents. However, there was still some agreement of major points between the two behaviorally supremacist men.

Bannon said about Mrs. Trump, she’s, “dumb as a brick.” He continued about Donal Jr.’s infamous meeting with Russians officials, saying there was 0% chance that he didn’t walk the Russians upstairs to his fathers office. He then refered to the sitting president an “accommondationist.” In the same National monthly publication, the former Trump ally said the president had lost a step and that he was like “an 11-year-old child.”

There is only one reason a man like Bannon chose this role and that’s because he believes he has a stronger influence than the least popular president in modern times. A fact that has yet to be proven, however, we did get a glimpse of it in November in the aforementioned Alabama senatorial election.

This was best said when France lost the battle of Leipzig in 1813 and Talleyrand said to Napoleon Bonaparte, “C'est le commencement de la fin”(it’s the beginning of the end”).

When America met with fate at the crossroads in November of 2016, this country was politically disillusioned after congress successfully nullified two Obama presidential terms, and did it just for kicks and giggles. For no other reason than to do everything that could be done to marginalize the first African American president of the United States – not because he was an unremarkable guy, but because he has a little melanin in his skin. Most Americans believe this alone is a shameful congressional disgrace.

American’s who were of age during the cold-war believed we were apart of something special. Part of an America who fought against the basic tenements of communism, which made members of the free world feel disciplined and forward thinking. That thinking has proved to be erroneous and shallow minded. In my neighborhood, they call that being played.

The country that created a government that was supposed to be for the people, by the people, has manipulated the people and snatched the power from the people and has offered nothing in return.

America, it’s time for us all to take a breath of fresh air, and take back our country that was built in the crucible of white supremacy, but is working its way out. Power to the people!

I can say with absolute certainty, the powers that be in this country did not become the power because they represent the smart or strong men of our new culture –but, the men who successfully eliminated the men who were smarter and stronger by genetic elimination, politically. Only the strong, survived the hardship of American slavery, and only the exceptional lasted.

It’s time for the new and that means all of us must participate in the changing the world that our ancestors built for the betterment of the world.

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