Serial cell Phone Store Robber in Hamden

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Hamden Police Department

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne


Hamden MetroPCS cell phone store are dealing with a serial robber. In a single month there have been three cell phone store robberies all on Dixwell Avenue. According to the worker in attendance on Saturday, A man entered the store with his face covered, she didn’t think anything of it due to the frigid weather.

Just before closing time around 6pm the man entered the store and flashed the but end of a handgun and asked for the money.

According to reports the crook got away with $500. in cash. Twice in December just down the street another Metro PCS store was robbed twice taking both cash and cell phones, during one robbery they thief also took a dummy phone used for display. No one has been apprehended in these crimes.

The Hamden police are asking anyone who has any information about these robberies go call, 203.230.4030

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