All of Us Initiative Expected to Gather medical data from 1 Million Americans

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All of Us

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne


In an old Minnesota warehouse turned laboratory research that will be drawn from more than 1 million Americans recruited to gather medical information and to follow them for a decade will be analyzed.

Experts say this big data approach to medicine will revolutionize the industry. Federal taxpayers are dumping hundreds of millions into a project that will glean blood and urine samples as well as fitness data in the initiative called All of Us.

Scarily its akin t the human genome project that represents the original sequencing of the human genome more than a decade ago. Supporters say its an effort to make medicine more personal and precise. The information is being gathered with a hazy endgame, with scientist saying they don't yet have a concrete plan.

The abstract program is expected to provide a way to link disease to better control their spreading.

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