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Extreme Lows

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Most of the North East is expected to be under the white stuff as temperatures remain in single digits for at least another week. Arctic winds have held the mercury an additional 10 degrees for the past week and nothing is changing for the next seven days.

Snow is expected in most of the tri-state region today.

For the first time in years Polar Bear challenges are being post-poned due to concerns about hypothermia and frost bite. Emergency warming centers are available throughout the city in an attempt to keep the cities homeless in viable conditions in an effort to lock cold related deaths to a minimum. Further east Michigan dipped to a negative 15 degrees in the upper part of the glove, as firefighters struggle with waterspray from their hoses iced their gloves and apparel.

Orleans, Michigan was one of three cities that found sharks washed ashore due to frozen gills.

Five tips to staying warm during extreme weather conditions.


  1. Put on you hat. You have probably hear that you lose most of your body heat through your head, thats not true, however wearing a hat preserves body heat even indoors.

  2. Wear and extra layer inside and several when you have to go out.

  3. Run your ceiling fan clockwise. Warm air rises to the ceiling this forces it back down to where you can use it.

  4. Block door drafts with an old towel or a pool noodle.

  5. This is the perfect time to bake, it provides a cozy feel when helping to heat the kitchen.

If you have to go outside and change that flat tire, be sure to put a couple hand warmers into your pocket for hand protection.

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