NYC Fire claims the lives of 12 More critically Injured

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Bronx Fire 2017

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



New York City suffered the worst fire in 27 years on Thursday.

A three year old child playing with a stove in the Bronx kicked off an inferno that left 12 people dead.

According to reports the boys mother heard him scream from the kitchen where he was playing with the stove, as he does from time to time. She grabbed up the boy and her two year old and fled the apartment leaving the door ajar. The flames drafted out of the open door up the stairwell, which acted as a chimney flute as the fire sought oxygen to live. When people upstairs saw the fire in the stariwell they opened the windows and fed the fire fresh oxygen further aggravating the situation. It was the perfect fire storm.

The diverse residents included people from Jamaica, Guinea, Ghana, Dominican Republic and Trinidad.

Residents fled toe the fire escape as the five story building went up in smoke. Residents screamed as 2363 Prospect avenue, went up in smoke. Four other people were critically injured, and according to officials are “fighting for their lives right now.”

Further complicating the situation, the fire happened on the coldest night of the year. When firefighter initially arrived on the scene the hydrant in front of the building did now work –it was frozen.

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