White Nationalist group Protest Rejected by City Officials

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Justine Damond

Scribe: Samuel Otis

Email: samuel@thethinkering.com


The white Nationalist group that organized the deadly protest in Charlottesville, VA, staged vigil for a woman shot to death by Minneapolis police officer. Australian citizen Justine Damond called police after seeing an assault against another woman.

The northern California hate group, Identity Evropa traveled to Minneapolis to create derision. The shrine was set up outside police headquarters. Police later removed the make shift memorial , saying that no such recognition can be displayed in that location. The mayor-elect also condemned the shrine calling it “disgusting.”

According to reports, Damond called the emergency number to report a possible sexual assault behind her house. Officers Matthew Harrity and Mohamed Noor arrived minutes later. Damond approached the squad car from behind and slapped the car and continued to approach from the drivers side. When the officer in the passengers seat fired a single shot. Damond died on the scene.


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