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King Trump

Scribe:  Lady in the Bag




LOCK KING T**** UP! Lock him up! Lock him up!   We read The Thinkering News and YOU are an Independent Thinker, a Thinker who actually THINKS.  King T**** and his cronies have one mission, eradicate, obliterate,  destroy and remove any and all legislation achievements and programs that are in place, due to the efforts of either President Clinton or President Obama.  King T**** is dismantling U.S. assets and selling off pieces of our country, to the highest bidder. He does not consider land reserves (called monuments) as necessary. In his mind, they are assets that are at his disposal and can be used to run oil and gas pipelines and development. All is up for bids.

Could that bidder/buyer have an Eastern European name? HMMMM! From an Eastern European Country? HMMMM! What about money laundering? HMMMM! Anything goes. Thinkers, everything is up for grabs and we know who the opportunity grabbers are.

Let’s look at the reduction of monies allocated to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the agency that oversees funds and arranges for national crises interventions, hurricanes, fires, floods and more.  By the way, Puerto Rico (PR) and the U.S. Virgin Islands (VI) are part of the United States; they are characterized as territories (sub-national administrative divisions overseen by the U.S. Federal government). Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the U.S. and wants full U.S. state status, and successfully voted to achieve this. However, PR must meet certain benchmarks to be eligible for statehood.

Anyway, Texas, VI and PR were hit hard by hurricanes and expected FEMA would send aid. Only a few million dollars has been disseminated to PR and VI. Their needs are great (no power, no fresh, clean drinking water, sources of food limited or none, power grids gone). I wonder how much funds were transferred to Texas, for its hurricane repairs, which included repairs of churches.  PR and VI still are struggling: does ethnicity, religion, race enter the equation and act as parameters for distribution of FEMA funds? HMMMM!

Thinkers know that the newly passed Income Tax Plan (Tax Plan) rewards the millionaires and billionaires: but not us, the regular folks. The Tax Plan, signed solely by Republicans, creates a deficit that exceeds 1.4 trillion dollars. That is phase 1 of a grand scheme. to tear down any inroads created and implemented by Presidents Clinton and Obama. The Tax Plan will not create new jobs (by the wealthy) in the U.S.;  the wealthy will not bring their factories and jobs back to the United States; the new Tax Plan proliferates and rewards (via loopholes) industries, manufacturers, and developers with financial interests abroad.  Many of the Republican U.S. Senators have real estate holdings and other businesses, in the U.S. and abroad that are taxed as pass through entities: partnerships, LLC and LLP (businesses). The Republican legislators rewarded themselves (self-dealing) with lower tax rates and other tax loopholes. In addition to the self-dealing, Thinkers know that Republicans want their wealthy donor base to continue making donations to their party: so, they have been rewarded with a great tax reduction, suitable to their needs. This helps the regular folks how? HMMMM!

Phase 2, Republicans like to describe themselves as fiscal conservatives, not debt creators. Yet, the Tax Plan puts the U.S. deep into debt, at a time when we have had several recent catastrophes, that seriously impacted our economy (FEMA expenditures).  In order to justify the the huge debt increase instigated by the Republicans and codified by the Tax Plan, an offset against benefits and entitlements shall occur, unless Thinkers (Democrats, Dems) take over the Congress and repeal this flawed, lopsided Tax Plan and reinstate and augment payouts to our most vulnerable citizens.

Thinkers know that they need to “act out, demonstrate, unite their efforts and make their voices heard, bend a knee and pump a fist to make a difference.  Interestingly, King T****, when exiting the presidential jet, made a fist pump: does that mean he is dishonoring our flag (present on the aircraft)? HMMMM!  If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the masses, as protected free speech.

Hail to the King!

Readers, please continue to send Pampers (XXXXLarge) and Depends (XLarge) to the Peoples’ White House for King T****; mail as follows: Attention Adult Daycare Center.


The Lady in the Bag is a larger than life figure in an undisclosed city in the state of Connecticut.


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