JetBlue Flight 50 Skids off Logan runway - Christmas Day

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Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



A JetBlue airliner slid off the runway on approach on Monday night after allegedly hitting a patch of ice. Flight 50 from Savannah, Georgia landed at Logan Airport around 7:15pm and needed to be towed back onto the roadway after sliding off.

Emergency workers responded to the Air Bus A320 skidding off the runway and spinning completely around facing the opposite direction and came to rest between two runways. The FAA are investigating the incident. At the time the airport was fully operational, earlier in the day some flights had been stopped because of inclement weather.

Only 86 accidents per year are reported related to airplanes. Of every 2.4 million flights one accident occurs. Last year more than 36.4 million flights were taken and 81 accidents were reported – more than 3 billion people flew safely through 2016.

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